About Me

Anthony Espinosa

As a Discoverer in this Universe these have helped me the most: 🏆Graph Theory 🥇Calculus Math 🥈Fibonacci 🥉Functional Programming "Functional Programming is Diffential Equations in programming" 🎱 Statistics "Medalist foundation" probability of Independent events is my favorite formula: brings the most GROWTH & as a reward for being a truthful growth human to myself: lots of MONEY 💸 Making Albert Einstein proud, just like he was proud of my ancestor! Achievements for Einstein from a true GROWTH human applying physics to change the world: The Surrendered received from Wall Street @ Einstein way on 7-8-2019 only consoilded knowledge. Afterwards, improved 💥over💥 2 orders of magnitude! And reach the limit approaching infinity. Independent Events formula has helped me prove that the economist portion of my AI trading Algorithm based on economy fundamentals is correct by Math & not by bias. By the output telling me that there is a 0.000000008% "0%" probability that those events can occur. Thus that is how I have been able to get the Exact Amplitude with 0 micopip discrepancy of the Markets trend since March 25th 2020. Which Jerome Powell took notice and gave me 7-8-2020 Which consoilded permanently my stance in the Market. By this Achievement I think its fair to say I have an Economist background on top of my Engineering background.